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Populate your dimensions with Unknown Members

Normally in every dimension load my first task is to insert the unknown value in the dimension table. This is tedious and time consuming task if dimension has many columns with different data types. And to make the script and … Continue reading

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What’s Inside an SSIS 2012 .ispac File?

If you’re curious, you can rename the .ispac file and give it a .zip extension, and extract. Voila, we see all the files that make up the ispac – a manifest, your DTSX files, and a .param file. Also note … Continue reading

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SSIS Merge Join Transformation vs Lookup Transformation

S# Merge Join Lookup 1 Partially Blocking(synchronous) Row Based (synchronous) 2 Two inputs One input. 3 One output Three Outputs: Lookup   match output No Match output Error output 4 No error output available Error output available. No restriction on data sources. The Lookup transformation … Continue reading

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SSIS Microsoft Balanced Data Distributor(BDD)

Microsoft introduced a new data flow transformation component is called Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) and you can download this component from here . It is a multithreaded component which equally split the data into the different multiple outputs. BDD take the advantage … Continue reading

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