How to restore PowerPivot excel file as a SSAS Database.

Basically PowerPivot stores the data inside the In memory analysis services (Vertipaq). You can restore the inside database into the SSAS tabular or SharePoint instance.
Following are the easy steps to get the inside database from the PowerPivot file:
1. Rename PowerPivot file to zip
2. Extract Zip file.
3. There are lot of folders and file which is another topic to discuss. But at this moment we will go inside the \xl\customData
4. CustomData folder will contains the item1.dat file which you need to change the extension to abf file. Abf extension required to restore it.
5. Then login into the SSAS which are running either tabular or as a SharePoint instance.
6. Then right click on the database and select restore.
7. Then specify the item1.abf file as the backup file.
8. Type the database name.
9. Don’t forget to press the OK button :).
10. Newly created database will appear after refreshing the node.

Note:- powerpivot only restore in tabular or sharepoint instance.

All done slice and dice as a normal OLAP database.


About Zaim Raza

7 Years of professional experience in Business intelligence using SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint/.net Technologies. Experience in Data warehousing, Data Modeling, Data profiling, Data Integration, Data cleansing, consultations and enterprise reporting. I want to work for organization where I am able to utilize my skills, experience and knowledge to transform the technology into business value.
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