Microsoft BI Solution Builder

Using an interactive matrix, this tool enables you to see the BI capabilities in the products you own and shows you the additional products you will need to get BI capabilities you want. The tool also converts information such as industry type, existing software, use cases and BI preferences into a customized report showing upgrade paths, resource links, case studies and white papers.

This Microsoft BI Solution Builder is designed to help you answer these questions:

•What BI capabilities do I have today in the Microsoft technology I already own?

•What Microsoft products offer business intelligence, Big Data, and data warehousing capabilities?

•Based on what I own, what products would I need to upgrade in order to tap into more powerful analytics capabilities?

•Where can I get more information on deploying these technologies?


About Zaim Raza

7 Years of professional experience in Business intelligence using SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint/.net Technologies. Experience in Data warehousing, Data Modeling, Data profiling, Data Integration, Data cleansing, consultations and enterprise reporting. I want to work for organization where I am able to utilize my skills, experience and knowledge to transform the technology into business value.
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